4 Tips for Letting Your Chicks Outside

Chicks that are being brought up by their mother hen will usually be out and about from just a few days old. She will take them out and show them how to peck for bugs and grass at a very young age and she may not be very careful about it (watching a mother hen […]


The Best Chicken Treats

Chickens love to eat. They are like little pigs and the quickest way to get them to come running to you is to go out to them shaking your bag or rattling a box or whatever you use to give them regular treats. They will eat pretty much anything, but some favourites seem to be […]


Ways to Stop Your Chickens from Eating Their Eggs

One of the most frustrating problems that can develop with chickens is if they start to eat their own eggs. This often begins accidentally; perhaps they have clumsily broken one or maybe they have laid a soft or shell-less egg which has splattered into the nesting box. Their natural inquisitiveness could have led them to […]


7 Reasons To Elevate Your Chicken Coop

One of the things to decide upon when building a chicken coop is the general style and that can include whether or not to have the chicken house elevated. Normally the extra height is not too much – perhaps one to three feet. Here are a few reasons you might want to raise your hen […]